5 Aspects of Creating an Athletic, Strong, Powerful MMA Fighter

MMA is a new sport and continues to evolve every month.  Fighters must change and adapt to keep up with the sports rapid growth.  The days of being good at one aspect of the game are over.  Simply being tough is not enough anymore.

Powerful MMA Fighter are quickly becoming high profile athletes and if they wish to go down in the history books, they must adapt habits of a top athlete.  I believe that starts with the process of developing that athlete.

We overestimate the event and underestimate the process.  Every fulfilled dream ocurred because of dedication to a process. – John Maxwell

As a strength and conditioning coach I see a ton of different fighters come through my gym.  Most of them are tough guys and gals that have had some success in the ring because of their will to win…but in order to rise to the top of the sport, fighter must adopt an intelligent strength and conditioning game plan.

Here are some guidelines that serve as an outline for your Powerful MMA Fighter workout plan

1.  Mobility

2.  Stability

3. Strength

4. Power

5. Conditioning

Remember, developing a strong, powerful body takes time and it is a process.  Skipping steps and rushing ahead will hurt you in the long run.

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