Advanced Jiu Jitsu Strength

Advanced Jiu Jitsu Strength

April 2, 2020

Advanced Jiu Jitsu Strength

April 2, 2020

I titled this program Advanced Jiu Jitsu Strengthbecause I believe that if you feel youre lacking strength, then you need to make that your priority. Just like your training on the mats, this program will call for you to push yourself in order to drive up your strength in a lasting way. It may mean prioritizing your lifting days and taking reduced rolls on days where you may be sore, but remember, this is all with the goal of making you stronger. 

My first program, Jiu Jitsu Strength (Part I) was designed to promote Structural Balance and Functional Strength. Its a great guide for those who have never been in a weight room, or if you found that your gym routine lacked focus. A solid attempt at it would result in inevitable progress and set you up very nicely to do much more.  

This program is that much more. 

Advanced Jiu Jitsu Strength comes in to help you actually start to really drive your strength up in meaningful ways. Both the average competitor and the higher level competitor is quite a bit stronger than they were even 5 years ago. Competitors understand they need to supplement their training on the mats – and it shows. Strength is the mother of all athletic qualities. 

Its a program that will pair very well with your existing training, and the frequency of training also accounts for the fact that you are likely already training jiu jitsu 3 or more times per week. For the advanced competitor, youre more than likely doing 5+ days per week already. Thats a lot of training and should remain your priority. We are trying to add the optimal strength training frequency that allows you to recover from all your efforts and grow stronger. 

This program also assumes you have some modest competency in the weight room, though its not required, as we took every effort to give you the best video demos for the most technical lifts. 

In short 

What This Program is: 

A carefully planned and managed program designed to improve your mat and maximal strength over the course of 3 months. 

An extended tutorial that uses a combination of written background and video guides to introduce and get you more comfortable with performing strength exercises in the gym. 

 What This Program Is Not: 

This is not an endurance training manual.

The focus is purely on STRENGTH. 


How to Use this Program: 

Youll notice that to begin every month, there will be a video introduction, with written background information. Please watch this video and read the background information before you embark on training that month. 

For the actual program, youll find a separate tab that lists every exercise, along with its sets, reps, tempo and suggested rest time. You will also notice that next to every exercise listed, youll have the ability to click through to a video demonstration on how to perform the exercises. 

Some exercise are more technical and will have extended explanation videos, while others are just demonstrations of the exercise. The demonstration-only videos are reserved for more self-explanatory movements. 

We made every attempt to make this as simple and straight forward as possible. If you ever have any questions, please contact us.