Exercise Library

June 19, 2020

Exercise Library

June 19, 2020

Videos are organized as they are used within the program. For example, trap bar deadlifts are used in the first workout of the program.

Phase 1 Exercises:

Trap Bar Deadlift 

Neutral Grip Bench Press 

Barbell RDL 

Pull Up

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Slight Incline Press 

Chest Supported Row 

Suitcase Carry 

Front Squat 

Back Squat 

Bench Press 

Dumbbell Bench Press 

Snatch Grip RDL

Single Arm KB Front Rack Carry 

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Bench Press 

Waiters Carry 

Phase 2 Exercises:

Inverted Row 

Hand Supported SSB Split Squat 

Floor Press 

Cable Front Raise 

Snatch Grip High Pull 

Back Squat + Bodyweight Squat Hold 


Bicep Curl 

Tricep Extension 

Inverted Row + Top ISO Hold 

Bodyweight Lateral Raise ISO