5 years ago

Build the Beast 3


Developing a Stronger body takes time.  Over the next 12 months, we are going to showcase 24 different workouts, using progressions of the squat, hinge, push, pull and carry.  We will guide you systematically through progressions that we’ve used with our athletes to get them strong, but also teach them how to move properly, without getting injured.

The workouts will be total body and you can adjust the intensity and volume to match your specific goal.

Use this chart as a benchmark for intensity, reps, tempo, rest, etc.



Workout #1 

1a. Barbell Front Squat

1b. Isometric Chin up (hold at 90 degrees)

2a. Skater Lunge

2b. SB Bent Over Row

3a. Zercher Step Up

3b. Handstand Lateral Wall Walk

Workout #2

1a. Barbell Deadlift

1b. Suspension Pushup

2a. Back Angle (45) Lunge

2b. SB Cross Body Pulls

3a. Bearhug Carry

3b. Standing 2 Hand Landmine Press