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Food for Fighters

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Many fighters and grapplers allow themselves to get overweight and out of shape when they don’t have a fight or competition scheduled. This forces their team to focus on making weight instead of improving their skills. Nutrition specialist, Dan Garner has created an easy to follow nutrition plan that allows fighters to fine tune their habits. You’ll learn exactly what to eat if you want to gain muscle, drop body fat, improve your performance and make weight with ease!


Dan Garner is the owner and founder of Team Garner and is the head strength coach and nutrition specialist. Specializing and delivering consistent world class results in physique transformation and athletic performance, Dan has worked with many athletes from the youth leagues right up to the NHL, NFL, MLB and UFC. He is an international lecturer on sports nutrition and has been featured in several major media outlets. In addition to his coaching services, he has created many online products available for purchase and is a bestselling author on Amazon.