Day 1: Improving Neck and Grip Strength for BJJ

4 years ago

Day 1: Improving Neck and Grip Strength for BJJ

Day 1: Improving Neck and Grip Strength for BJJ

Today, we’re going to discuss how to strengthen your neck and your grip.  Although they are separate body parts, they are closely related and work together.  Below you will find one of our favorite Grip training Circuits and 2 Part Video Series for Strengthening the Neck.

Grip Strength Circuit for Grapplers

This circuit uses a variety of grips to challenge the forearm and hands in different ways. It will, not only build strength, but will also challenge the endurance of your grip, so you train your hands to last throughout the duration of your fight or match.

Grip Strength Circuit

1a. Wrist Roller – Down and Up Both Directions

1b. Dumbbell Claw Grip w/ Alt Shrugs – 20 reps

1c. Hanging – 30-60sec

1d. Towel Grip Farmer Carry – 50-100 yards

Protect Your Neck, Part 1 & 2

Protect Your Neck Part 1

Protect Your Neck Part 2


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