Develop the Athlete 1

5 years ago

Develop the Athlete 1


The goal of these “ADVANCED” Workouts is to develop absolute strength, power and explosiveness.  These should be used carefully and only when the athlete is prepared for this level of intensity.  They should be very familiar with the movements and have sufficient levels of strength, before moving into this category. 

Max Effort

*1-5 reps, 3-5 sets, 3-5+ minutes of rest between sets.

  1. Sandbag Bearhug Squat
  2. Weighted Chin Up
  3. Barbell Hip Extension
  4. Farmer Carry

Contrast Training

*Contrast training uses a combination of heavy loads and explosive movements to stimulate the nervous system and muscles to fire more powerfully and efficiently. 3-5 reps heavy, 3-5 reps explosive, then rest 3-5 minutes.

1a. Squat
1b. Box Jump
2a. Barbell Floor Press
2b. Lying Med Ball Chest Pass
3a. Split Squat
3b. Skip for Height
4a. Weighted Chin Up
4b. Med Ball Slams

Explosive Repeats

*Explode, rest, repeat.  Done correctly, these workouts can help you learn how to repeat explosive efforts and recover more efficiently.

Sprints – 400m, 200m, 100m, 50m, shuttle runs.  There are a lot of ways to mix up your sprint workouts.  We tend to use a variety of distances and intensities throughout the camp.  Just like training, some days are easy and long, others are short and intense.

Option 1: 4 X 400m

Option 2: 8 X 200m

Option 3: 10 X 100m

Option 4: 12 X 50m