Develop the Athlete 3

5 years ago

Develop the Athlete 3


The goal of these “ADVANCED” Workouts is to develop absolute strength, power and explosiveness.  These should be used carefully and only when the athlete is prepared for this level of intensity.  They should be very familiar with the movements and have sufficient levels of strength, before moving into this category. 

Max Effort

*1-5 reps, 3-5 sets, 3-5+ minutes of rest between sets.

  1. Double KB Front Squat
  2. SA Overhead Press
  3. Barbell Deadlifts from Blocks
  4. Zercher Carry

Contrast Training

*Contrast training uses a combination of heavy loads and explosive movements to stimulate the nervous system and muscles to fire more powerfully and efficiently. 3-5 reps heavy, 3-5 reps explosive, then rest 3-5 minutes.

1a. Banded Hex Bar Deadlifts
1b. Zig Zag Hops
2a. Weighted Push Up
2b. Versapulley SA Press
3a. Drop Step Lunge
3b. Staggered Stance Jumps
4a. Plank Chain/Rope Pull
4b. Rope Slams

Explosive Repeats

*Explode, rest, repeat.  Done correctly, these workouts can help you learn how to repeat explosive efforts and recover more efficiently.

Throwing – Throwing is another great way to develop explosive power.  Learning to transfer energy from the ground up through the arms and into the ball is a great tool for any athlete.  We can perform Chest Passes, rotational throws, single arm throws, overhead and more.  Choose one that fits your goals and then use the sample work:rest chart below.  We would probably perform a throwing drill and then a sprint, jump or other explosive drill or two during this workout.

  • Week 1: Explode for 10sec, Rest for 50sec, repeat for 10 rounds.
  • Week 2: Explode for 10sec, Rest for 40sec, repeat for 12 rounds.
  • Week 3: Explode for 10sec, Rest for 30sec, repeat for 14 rounds.
  • Week 4: Explode for 10sec, Rest for 20sec, repeat for 16 rounds.

*Perform 2-3 Drills for each workout (Jump, Sprint, Throw or other explosive drill of choice).