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Whether you’re a seasoned vet, or a young stud with a lot to prove, this personalized workout program will help you become stronger and improve your conditioning. You just got to take the next step…

FREE Chapter from The S&C Handbook for Combat Sports

This chapter talks about key concepts to consider when selecting exercises to enhance combat sports performance and some common mistakes coaches make when preparing for competition.

Coach Brett Bartholomew goes into detail about , common myths and misconceptions, his thought process and strategies for developing healthy, strong, well conditioned MMA fighters.  


Phil Daru knows how to develop strong, powerful fighters, so we wanted to share one of his advanced workouts from his Fight Strong 365 training plan.  This is a  great workout for fighters to try during an off season or out of camp.  

Weight Cut Mistakes

Coach Ben Zhuang walks us through 3 common mistakes that people make when cutting weight.  These are simple tips that can really help you avoid trouble leading up to you r next big event.