How to Improve Your Speed for MMA, Jiujitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Other Combat Sports

Floyd Mayweather Jr., Canelo AlvarezWhen you think of SPEED in MMA, boxing, muay thai or any other combat sport, what comes to mind?

  • Quick feet?
  • Lightning fast striking?
  • Incredibly fast takedowns?
  • Devastating throws?
  • Ninja transitions?
  • Quick submissions?

Some of the worlds best athletes have developed incredible speed that gives them a HUGE advantage every time they compete.

dominick cruz takedownWhat athletes come to mind?

Demetrious Johnson, Flloyd Mayweather, TJ Dillashaw, Dominick Cruz, Jose Aldo?

These athletes are lightning fast and use their speed to control every fight.

We all have seen the devastating effects of speed in the cage, on the mat or in the ring. Fast footwork creates angles, keeps you out of trouble and helps you strike and takedown more efficiently. Fast hands keep your opponent guessing and help you implement your game plan. Speed on the ground can help you pass guard, control your opponent and secure the dominant position.

The Question is “Can you Develop Speed?

Developing Explosive Speed and Agility in Your Athletes is simple if you have the right system. Before your athletes can begin competing at the next level, you simply have to modify your approach by applying simple techniques to your program.

Techniques you’ve probably been overlooking.

The key is to develop their overall athletic ability by developing all the elements required for success in any sport: speed and agility, strength, coordination, power, flexibility and conditioning.

Introducing Complete Speed Training…

Complete Speed Training

Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is regarded as one of the top athletic movement specialist in the world. Over the past 25 years Lee has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and ability. He has been the ‘go to’ speed training expert for everyone from NFL organizations and Wimbledon champions to up and coming youth athletes.

He’s a sought after presenter, sharing multi-directional speed methods at Perform Better events, the NFL Combine Seminar, the NBA Strength & Conditioning Coaches Workshop and hundreds of other events.

But above all else, Lee is a teacher and coach and his in-the-trenches, proven protocols for developing faster athletes, made specifically for coaches are game changers and will finally give you the speed development system you need.

What you will learn:

  • Effective Warm Up
  • Base Conditioning
  • Linear Acceleration
  • Top End Speed Mechanics
  • Lateral & Crossover Acceleration
  • Retreating Skills
  • Power Development
  • Strength Training

This program is on sale thru this Friday, so if you are interested in developing more speed for your athletes, we’d highly recommend checking it out.

Few things will help you improve on the mat, in the cage or in the ring like increasing your speed.

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