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8 years ago

FCC VIP Member Dashboard

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Its time to take your game to the next level!

  1. Start Here: Introduce Yourself in the Forum here.  FCC VIP is an open, supportive forum for athletes and coaches.  You can ask questions, share information and interact with your peers.  The idea is to help everyone improve their workouts and training, so our athletes thrive.
  2. Check out the Athlete Assessment. This is a great resource for new and current athletes.  Monitor progress and make sure your athletes are getting better, not just tired.
  3. Surf through the workout section, exercise library and challenges.  There are tons of exercises and a variety of different workouts to fit your current needs.  This NEW Video Series is a great place to learn about program design:  Building Better Workouts {Video Series}
  4. Download a few podcasts.  We’ve tracked down and interviewed some of the best strength and conditioning minds that are out there.  Coaches, research scientists, therapists and more.
  5. Interact.  In order to get the most benefit of this membership, you’ve got to interact, ask questions, and leave comments.  Just remember, FCC VIP is a douchbag free zone, so be respectful to ALL members or you will be asked to leave.