Month 1: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

5 years ago

Month 1: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

I am excited to help you develop better workouts… whether you are healing up, improving endurance, getting stronger or becoming more athletic, we have the resources for you.

I’ve done my best to condense 20 years of coaching into this program…

  • Learn from my experience
  • Avoid mistakes that I’ve made
  • Adapt and grow over time
  • Never stop learning

Each month, you will receive a new tutorial and several new workouts that you can print out or simply open on your phone or ipad.

Depending upon your ability level and goals, you should choose a category (type of workout) and use the sample workouts as a template.  Since every athlete is different, you might want to customize the workouts to fit your needs.

Our program is divided into 5 categories:

  1. Tune Up – Improve your body’s function, eliminate common aches n pains.
  2. Expand the Tank – Improve your cardio and endurance.
  3. Build the Beast – Get stronger and/or build muscle.
  4. Develop the Athlete – Develop more speed and power.
  5. Prepare for Battle – Get ready to compete.

What Type of Workout is Best For You?

This Month’s Workouts:

*Once you gone through the assessment, determined your goals and have a time frame, then you can intelligently choose the right workout for you.

More Resources and Downloads:

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