Month 12: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

5 years ago

Month 12: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

Review last month’s workouts and tutorials.

Over the Past Year, We’ve Walked You Through How to Build Workouts, Manipulate the Variables, Plan and Execute Under Fire.

  • tell-us-your-story-340x340What changed the most this year?
  • What results have you experienced?
  • Were you consistent?
  • Did you change up the workouts every month?
  • What did you learn?

We would love to hear about your experience.

Please shoot us an email and let us know about your successes, challenges and how we can continue to make Fight Camp Conditioning better.

Email us here:

And, As Always, here are a few more workouts for this month:


This Month’s Workouts:

  • Tune Up
  • Expand the Tank
  • Build the Beast
  • Develop the Athlete

*Once you gone through the assessment, determined your goals and have a time frame, then you can intelligently choose the right workout for you.