Month 5: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

5 years ago

Month 5: VIP Tutorial and Workouts


Last month’s workouts and info are here.

Last month, we talked about creating a game plan and this month we are going to start laying out a plan of attack.

Workouts change during a 8-12 week training camp.

Some athletes need cardio, others strength, and others need to develop more athleticism.

We’ve talked about that before, but this month’s tutorial takes it to another level.

You’ll learn how to plan a training camp and adjust variables so the athlete is ready to perform at their best!

Check it out below!

PS…Whole new bunch of workouts are ready to go!  (Links Below)

Creating a Timeline for Training Camp

This Month’s Workouts:

*Once you gone through the assessment, determined your goals and have a time frame, then you can intelligently choose the right workout for you.

More Resources and Downloads:

Sample Training Week

Complete Athlete Assessment

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