Month 6: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

5 years ago

Month 6: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

Last month’s workouts and info are here.

Guys, you are 6 months in and I couldn’t be more excited for ya!

video_tutorials_fccIf you’ve been following our plan, you should be developing into a MONSTER! (or developing other monsters, if you’re a coach)

Well, after last month’s tutorial, we got a few questions, so we wanted to give you a little more info.

Below is a sample timeline for a training camp.

It breaks down what to do, when to do it and gives you a bird;s eye view of what a training camp should look like.

Hope this helps clarify things for ya!


PS…you know the deal…its time for some new workouts! (Check Out the Links Below)

Sample Training Camp Timeline

This Month’s Workouts:

*Once you gone through the assessment, determined your goals and have a time frame, then you can intelligently choose the right workout for you.

More Resources and Downloads:

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