Month 8: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

5 years ago

Month 8: VIP Tutorial and Workouts

plyometric_progressionLast month we talked about building the ultimate workout and gave you a template to use.

Click here to review last month’s info.

This month, we discuss how to choose the right exercises for each athlete.

Using Instagram and Youtube to find new exercises is a recipe for disaster.

In order to develop healthy, strong and explosive athletes, we need to learn how to choose the RIGHT EXERCISE for that individual.

The video below should help you determine how to choose the best exercise for the job.


PS…Time to switch things up…check out the NEW Workouts below.

Exercise Selection

This Month’s Workouts:

*Once you gone through the assessment, determined your goals and have a time frame, then you can intelligently choose the right workout for you.

More Resources and Downloads:

Video Exercise Library

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