The Power of the Hip Thrust

hip thrust 2Good things happen when you have a strong ass.

Trends come and go, people continue to create new products and programs.  Its honestly very rare for something new to come onto the scene and stick, but Bret Contreras introduced heavy barbell hip thrusts to the strength & conditioning industry 10 years ago and it continues to gather steam.  For combat athletes, the hip thrust is a great exercise for developing lower body strength and power.  Below is a summary of some of Bret’s work, as well as a few instructional videos to learn more about this exercise.

Effectiveness – Front Squat vs Hip Thrust

Below is a chart showcasing the findings of Bret Contreras’s thesis, which compared the squat and the hip thrust using EMG, force plate, video capture, ultrasound, and performance tests.

hip thrust exercise

Hip Thrust Form – Proper Technique

  1. Hinge on the bench from the lower scapulae region
  2. Push through the heels (feet can remain flat or the ankles can be dorsiflexed)
  3. Ensure vertical shins at the top of the movement
  4. Keep the knees out
  5. Achieve full hip extension
  6. Slightly posterior tilt the pelvis
  7. Keep the ribs down
  8. Maintain forward eye gaze and keep the chin tucked
  9. Make fists and dig the arms into the bench (when performing the bodyweight hip thrust)
  10. Breathe big and brace core before each lift
  11. Pause at the top for a brief moment with a big glute squeeze

Hip Thrust Variations

So, if you are looking for a new exercise for developing lower body strength, give the hip thrust a try.  Wrestlers, Jiu Jitsu players and fighters can all benefit from have more hip strength.  Its a great addition to squats, deadlifts, and lunges, that has great carry over to the mat and into the cage.

Give it a try and keep us posted on your progress!

Want More Info?

Check out Bret Contreras’ Hip Thrust Wiki Page

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