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Simple and Savage Sales Page

MMA Fighters and Coaches:

You’d Never Step Foot in the Cage, Without a Plan of Attack…Strength and Conditioning is No Different.

Strength Training for MMA is Like the Wild West…So Many Opinions, But Few Have the Knowledge or Experience on How to Train Fighters Effectively… Don’t Worry, We’ve Got Your Back

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mma 1Fighting is tough…no way around it.

Multiple different skill sets, practicing, sparring, cardio, strength, making weight and more!  Its no wonder so many athletes and coaches are constantly trying to figure out how to make things work.  Juggling all of these aspects can be overwhelming.

Do too much and ya get run down.

Not enough and you won’t be prepared.

Knowing what to do, when and how much is one of the missing links for many fighters.

Common Training Mistakes for MMA include:

  • Fighters training in multiple gyms, with little to no communication between coaches
  • Unorganized training schedule
  • No testing or monitoring progress throughout the training camp
  • Too much high intensity training
  • Using conditioning to build ‘mental toughness’
  • Taking advice from the wrong people

Sound Familiar?

Just like any sport, assessing the situation, creating a plan, executing and adjusting along the way creates long term success.  Without a plan, we are simply reacting to each day, working hard, but often moving in the wrong direction.

The MMA community needs more resources that are practical and adaptable.

mma 5

Most training programs are “copy and paste” from world champions, former athletes or media articles that are written by “E-Trainers”.

What works for someone else is not necessarily going to work for you as there are countless factors and variables at play across different body types, training backgrounds and fight styles. At the end of the day- all sporting activities are about movement as well as force absorption and force expression.

Moreover, you would never go into a fight without having a solid game-plan in place. If you don’t compete without a game-plan why would you prepare without one? Oh, and tiring yourself out through repetitive circuit based sessions that deplete your power and energy stores, starving yourself and looking for “quick fixes” doesn’t constitute a sound training plan. Being a great fighter is about understanding how to play chess, not checkers with the guy/girl standing across from you.

Brett Bartholomew Will Show You How…


brett headshotBrett Bartholomew is a strength and conditioning coach, author, consultant, and founder of the performance coaching and consulting company, Bartholomew Strength. His experience includes working with collegiate teams, professional teams, businesses, and individual clients. Taken together, Brett has coached a diverse range of athletes from across 23 sports at levels ranging from youths to Olympians. He’s supported Super Bowl and World Series Champions, along with several professional fighters, including those competing in the UFC. He has also worked with members of the United States Special Forces community. His coaching and speaking has spanned the globe, from China to Brazil and numerous other stops in between.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.10.21 PMAs an entrepreneur, Brett has proudly served as a teammate and supporting partner in the strategic growth of two separate performance companies and is a highly sought-after consultant and mentor for many others across the United States and abroad. Additionally, his work and expertise has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.07.48 PMHis book, Conscious Coaching: The Art and Science of Building Buy-In, achieved “Best Seller” status in the categories of “Sport Coaching” (#1), “Business/Money” (#8) ,and was ranked in the “Amazon Top 100 Books Overall.”

Brett is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) where he holds both their CSCS*D & RSCC*D distinctions. He is a proud graduate of Kansas State University, where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, where he obtained a Master of Science in Education in exercise science with an emphasis on motor behavior, cueing, and attentional focus in human performance.

Brett has helped top mma fighters improve and develop into world class athletes.  His favorite term is to become savagely good at simple things.  Just like mma skill sets, we must become great at the basics to compete at the highest level.  Luckily, Brett has packaged up his training methodologies into a new online program.

A Smart Training Plan Addresses the Following…


hdtvleft_460x552Enhanced Movement Quality:

Whether you consider yourself to be genetically gifted, in great shape or technically/tactically superior to your opponent, none of it matters if you cannot move inside the Octagon with fluidity and efficiency. Better movers can become better fighters, period. Learning how to move well can help to reduce your risk of injury in training and competition and also helps you from gassing out in earlier rounds since you are wasting less energy. Excellent movement quality is not only insurance for your body, but also for lengthening the window of your fight career.

hdtvleft_460x552 (1)A Foundation Built Upon Strength:

Fighters have always had this notion that getting stronger will make them bulky, stiff and slow. Nothing could be further from the truth. If strength training alone provided everyone with a hulking stature, every high-school kid in the world who is trying to “gain weight” by spending three hours in the gym would look like the Statue of David. Gaining weight is a matter of you being mindful of your nutrition, not spending time in the weight room.

What a properly programmed strength routine does provide is more stability and support for your joints and surrounding connective tissue. Injury rates in the world of MMA are astronomical this coincides with fighters not being adequately prepared for the rigors and demands of the combat, collision based sport that it is. Strength is your foundation for injury prevention and force development.

After all, if strength didn’t matter would there even be a reason for weight classes to exist?

There is over 30 years of dedicated research as it pertains to the benefits of strength and conditioning for all sports and humans in general. Don’t be the “follow the leader” type that doesn’t train just because someone that you admire doesn’t. Outliers are the exception, NOT the norm.

hdtvleft_460x552 (2)Adaptability:

We don’t all have access to the same resources, time and level of freedom as it pertains to making our own schedule and fight preparation in general. A great program must be flexible, and this one is. Whether it is adjusting your strength training or conditioning session based upon you feeling “beaten down” or unusually energetic on a given day, this program allows for adjustments to be made so that your body has the best chance of adapting and progressing on a daily and weekly basis leading up to the fight.

hdtvleft_460x552 (3)Timing:

In all things, timing is everything. Never is that more apparent than in the fight game. Your training program is another critical avenue where this tenet rings true. Artists paint their masterpieces in a sequential manner, sure a few may slap paint at the canvas and see what happens, but they are very rarely able to reproduce success as high of a rate as an artists that stays true to a process and well-orchestrated procedure. Quit guessing and trying to kill yourself on a daily basis. STRUCTURE is critical to creating a successful fight-plan that can be replicated. Some days will require you to go all-out, others will leave you with spare energy in the tank, this is purposeful as we are trying to make you a world-champion fighter, not a world-champion fitness competitor. Rest is a weapon, focus your energy on the training and your recovery and you will reap the benefits.

Introducing “Savage and Simple”

A Complete Strength and Conditioning Plan for MMA Fighters

Get Access to  “Savage and Simple” Today

binderstandingright_951x1069 (10)

Savage and Simple is a full 12 week training course featuring a long term athletic development, weekly training plan, phase breakdowns, tutorials, printable workouts, templates and more.  There are strength training templates that cover foundational development, max strength development, power development and a taper. It also includes energy system modalities that can be augmented and modified in a manner that is specific to the bioenergetic qualities required for the sport yet adaptable to fluid and ever changing schedules.

It’s comprehensive, easy to follow plan and is founded upon sound bioenergetic and phsyiological principles as it pertains to enhancing sports performance.  No opinions here, this program shares exactly how Brett addressed each mma fighter that walked through his doors.

Inside “Savage and Simple”, You Will Get…


ipadhorizontalleft_909x685 (1)Module #1 – Creating “Buy In” w/ Your Athletes

No matter how good your workouts may be, if your athletes don’t trust you or understand the plan, results will suffer.

Module #2 – Long Term Performance Plan

Developing athletic qualities takes time and in order to perform at your best, you must use intelligent, well thought out, workout progressions.  Brett lays out his long term plan for developing athletic fighters.

o9Module #3 – Training Phase Breakdown

Each training phase is developed to address specific athletic qualities and Brett breaks everything down in digestable chunks, that are easy to understand and implement into your training.

Module #4 – Weekly Breakdown

Planning your training sessions each week is vital for your long term success.  Brett walks you through exactly how to coordinate between skill, strength and conditioning sessions.

iphonehorizontal_847x499Module #5 – Program Flexibility

If you fight, you understand that things rarely go to plan.  Having a flexible strength and conditioning plan is essential, so we can efficiently navigate the obstacles that come up during camp.  Adjust, redirect and keep improving.

Module #6 – Phase 1

Phase 1 workouts help develop a foundation of strength and conditioning.  Laying the groundwork, so we can adapt to more intense training over the following weeks.

reportstacked2_1243x955Module #7 – Phase 2

Phase 2 ramps up the intensity and starts to prime the body for the most intense workouts in Phase 3.

Module #8 – Phase 3

This is the most intense section of the training camp and will prepare your body for all of the physical demands of a mma fight.

Module #9 – Taper

This is usually the toughest for people to follow, but a good taper allows the fighter to recover and compete at their very best.

Module #10 – Energy System Development

Many coaches make conditioning way too complicated.  Brett lays out a simple conditioning plan for mma fighters to follow, so they show up healthy and ready to compete at the highest levels.

You’ll get instant access to all of this for only $97! (Regular Price $197)

 On Sale Today $97!

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What are Top Fighters Saying About Brett?


photo credit: @ewillphoto
photo credit: @ewillphoto

“I’ve never been big into lifting weights for fight preparation, but this was different.  Brett balanced strength work and athletic development.”

Former UFC Champion, Luke Rockhold

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 2.36.45 PM

“I really enjoyed working with Brett. When it comes to MMA, there are many facets to it and getting the proper strength training can be very challenging. Brett was not only able to meet my needs as an athlete but he exceeded them. Every workout was a challenge in a new way and by the end of our time together I feel I actually gained a whole lot. Any coach can get your tired, but it takes the right training to give you gains that last, and Brett was able to do that!”

 – Rashad Evans – Former UFC Champion

brett and juliana pena

“Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to my favorite strength and conditioning coach, Brett Bartholomew.  He’s got a plethora of knowledge, knows how to prepare the body and is a genius when it comes to fight prep.  If anyone is looking for a strength and conditioning coach, I would highly recommend Brett and his program.”

Juliana Pena – UFC Bantamweight Fighter

Get Access to “Savage and Simple”


Still Not Convinced?

Ask Yourself…”What Happens If I Don’t Take Action Today?”

Nothing outside of the norm. Which is scary enough isn’t it?

How does rolling the dice or doing the same thing that everyone else is doing typically work out for the world’s best? It doesn’t which is why they don’t adhere to that kind of strategy and you shouldn’t either.

Strength training, like fight training is about consistent adherence to the fundamentals. Mastery comes with time and by following a calculated process and strategy. You don’t go into the fight without a game plan, why would you do the same as it pertains to your training?

Stop spinning your wheels and start making REAL progress!

It’s time for you to follow a winning plan that is proven to develop healthy, strong, powerful MMA fighters.

Savage and Simple is a complete course on MMA strength training, that is full of content and instructions pertaining to the template and it’s contents. Over 100 videos, workouts and professional insight on training the right way.

You’ll also get educational content surrounding the many issues within the MMA community and why “absolutist” based programs often fail.

The important note here is that this is a program to help educate and arm other coaches as well, not just their fighters.

It’s a wake-up call to the reality that fighter’s need to adhere to more focused and foundational strength training methods that focus on proper development as opposed to just beating down their body.

Top MMA Fighters Trust Brett Bartholomew


Brett Bartholomew and UFC CHampion, Tyron Woodley
Brett Bartholomew and UFC CHampion, Tyron Woodley


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.10.21 PM
Brett working w/ former UFC Champion, Chuck Liddell


Brett working with former UFC champ, Raphael Dos Anjos
Brett working with former UFC champ, Raphael Dos Anjos


brett uriah and luke
Brett working with Luke Rockhold and Uriah Faber


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z9PS…60 Day, Money Back Guarantee

Like all of our Fight Camp Conditioning products, we offer a 60 Day, money back guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with this program, we will gladly refund your money.  You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

PPS…This program is extensive and covers everything a MMA Fighter or Coach will need to maximize their performance, get fit, and stay healthy.

 You’ll Get Access To:
    • Module #1 – Creating “Buy In” w/ Your Athletes
    • Module #2 – Long Term Performance Plan
    • Module #3 – Training Phase Breakdown
    • Module #4 – Weekly Breakdown
    • Module #5 – Program Flexibility
    • Module #6 – Phase 1 Workouts
    • Module #7 – Phase 2 Workouts
    • Module #8 – Phase 3 Workouts
    • Module #9 – Taper Workouts
    • Module #10 – Energy System Development

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