Tour of the UFC Performance Institute

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ufc gymThe UFC just built the most extensive training facility that we’ve seen for mixed martial artists. The facility is world class, the staff is to notch and the results will speak for themselves. Needless to say, these guys are going to pave the way for physical preparation for mma fighters.

They have statistics from years of fighting, weigh ins, athlete assessments, performance metrics and more. Keep an eye on what these guys are doing, because it is going to revolutionize the training for mma fighters.

ufc gym

Conditioning area includes: Concept 2 rowers, Versaclimbers, Curve treadmills, arm erg, Airdyne bikes, Watt bikes and more!

ufc gym

Squat racks include every bell and whistle, including cameras to measure bar speed and technique, while the platforms include force plates to measure ground reaction forces, time on the ground and more.

Everything has its place. For example, every bar is stored on the rack to keep the place dialed and safe. Bars included barbells, hex bars, neutral grip football bars, safety bars and more.

Adjustable dumbbells are a great space saver, easy to adjust and go up to 125lbs…

Nice, competition style kettlebells are used for a variety of drills.

ufc gym

This storage rack provides a home for a lot of the odds and ends, including bands, harnesses, med balls, bulgarian bags, hurdles and more

ufc gym

Medicine balls: rubber, slam, tornado balls, leather…these guys have just about every medicine ball you could ever need.

ufc gym

Nice med ball wall at the end of the turf, provides a great target for medicine ball throws.

ufc gym

40 yard stretch of turf is a protected area for athletes to run, move, drive sleds or similar.


This place is an amazing facility, but the real magic is going to take some time. The staff includes therapists, physiologists, nutritionists, strength and conditioning coaches and more. They have laid the foundation to gather, analyze and improve the physical preparation for mma fighters. It will be interesting to see what this team comes up with, over the next few years. They will definitely be leading the way, when it comes to fighter development.

Stay in touch with the UFCpi and their key staff members here:

UFC Performance Institute –> @ufcpi

Duncan French, VP of Performance –> @dr_duncan_french

Bo Sandoval, Head Strength and Conditioning –> @bo.sandoval

Clint Wattenberg, Nutritonist –> @sportrd_clint


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