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Get Your Questions Answered

Jump on a Skype call with one of our elite coaches. Sometimes talking through some of your challenges and getting another perspective can help you take your training to the next level. Jump on a call with a coach and get your questions answered today.

Custom Coaching

Our remote coaching program matches you with a team of elite coaches who will build a custom training plan to help you develop limitless cardio, knockout power, and unstoppable strength. This is an elite program for serious athletes.

The Complete Camp

I’ll show you exactly how I’ve helped combat athletes from around the globe physically prepare for the highest levels of competition. There are a lot of online programs and its hard to determine which are worth the investment.  I’ve spent a decade working with athletes of all levels and proven that these methods work.  Perfect for fighters, grapplers and fans alike!

Wrestlers Edge

The Wrestler’s Edge

It is a known fact that stronger, more conditioned wrestlers are more successful at the elite high school and college level.  But getting in shape and peaking for a season is more than just grinding everyday.  It is important to be specific and targeted, otherwise you are wasting valuable time.  In order to combat this confusion, we decided to develop a comprehensive strength and conditioning program for wrestlers.

Savage & Simple

Train like an elite fighter.  Savage & Simple is a in-camp training plan that should be used leading up to your next fight!

Whether you’re an amateur boxer or UFC Veteran, the Savage & Simple workout plan will help you get stronger, more powerful and develop the cardio necessary to scrap for the entire fight.

Savage & Simple
Fight Strong

Fight Strong 365

Creating that foundation of strength is essential not only for any athlete, but any person that wants to look better and be more confident. If you’re tired of being thrown around in practices and competitions, or looking and the mirror and wishing you could be just a bit stronger, then you aren’t alone. Strength training coach Phil Daru is here to help!

Food for Fighters

Nutrition specialist, Dan Garner has created an easy to follow nutrition plan that allows you to systematically improve your eating habits.  You’ll learn exactly what to eat if you want to gain muscle, drop body fat, speed recovery, improve your performance or make weight with ease!

Food for Fighters
The Cut

The Cut

Cutting Weight Is a Fact of Life for Fighters & Grapplers, and the Athlete Who Does It Correctly Can Have a Distinct Advantage Over the Competition.  So We Developed A Easy to Follow Guide to Making Weight…Using Information Gathered From a Variety of Studies, Top Experts and Years Worth of Experience,  So You Can Effectively Navigate Your Next Weight Cut.

Submission Strength

Most people do not have access to a legitimate strength & conditioning programs…or can’t afford to hire a strength coach.  Submission Strength showcases the strategies and workouts that I’ve used to help athletes of all ability levels get in shape, increase strength and improve their performance.  Perfect for the recreational grappler or someone chasing a world title.

Submission Strength
Off Season Workouts

Off Season Strength & Conditioning for Wrestlers

Let’s be honest…the majority of wrestlers disappear after the season is over.  BUT if you want to excel and see just how good you can become, then training during the off season is a must.  Whether you’re developing strength or improving conditioning, you need to develop a consistent habit of training.  We’ll show you exactly what you need to do…

The S&C Handbook for Combat Sports

The NEW ebook includes 10 chapters packed full of proven methods and strategies to help coaches n athletes build more effective workouts.⁣. If you’re looking to improve your endurance, strength or power, then this handbook is an invaluable resource to have in your library.⁣

Handbook for Combat


This is a complete 4 week training plan to use when you are coming back to the gym after a layoff.  Whether it was from an illness, injury or simply let time slip away, having the right plan of attack to get back in shape is critical.

Adv. Jiu Jitsu Strength

Whether you are a recreational athlete or compete professionally, I’m sure that you understand how important strength is for grapplers.   Our NEW advanced Jiu Jitsu strength program will help you develop a solid foundation of strength, so you can improve your Jiu Jitsu game.

Advanced Jiu Jitsu
Body Armour

Body Armour

A bodyweight training plan created so you can keep training regardless of your location. Eliminate all excuses with the same program that MMA champions are using to keep in shape at home, in hotels, and any time they can’t access a gym. 

In-Season Strength & Conditioning for Wrestlers

During The Wrestling Season You Are Juggling Practices, Workouts, Meets, Tournaments, Travel, Cutting Weight… Not to Mention, School, Homework, Family, Etc… Do too much and your body will break down…not enough or the wrong stuff and your performance will suffer. We’ll show you exactly what to do.

Fight Ready

Fight Ready

MMA fighters’ ability to throw powerful punches and kicks, manhandle their opponent on the ground, and get battered and bruised for 5 minutes straight is a level of focus and athleticism that is unmatched in any other sport. If You’d like to train like these top MMA fighters, and do it in just 4 hours per week, without engaging in mindless cardio, strength-destroying circuits, or unproductive powerlifting, I’m about to show you how to do it.

Ground Mobility for Fighters

A strong house is built on a solid and firm foundation. Your mobility, coordination and connective tissue strength along with proper breathing and the ability to relax form a firm platform for your health and athletic progress for years to come.

Ground Control

Ground Control

Phil Daru’s 12 week training plan for grapplers helps address 3 common weak links, structure your training and help you keep a balance between skill and strength work, so you can be 100% confident stepping onto the mat. 

Tune up

The ‘Tune Up” Program can help you prevent a lot of unnecessary aches n pains. We’ve used these exercises and workouts to keep our athletes moving well, solidifying weak links and helping them recover from tough workouts. If you are banged up or need to fix a few aches n pains, then this program is for you.

Tune Up
Expand the Tank

Expand the Tank

‘Gassing Out’ is one of the most feared aspects of any fight. Your body stops responding…legs slow down, arms get heavy and there is really nothing you can do. We’ve all been through it…The good news is that you can rapidly improve your conditioning, if you have the right plan.  So, we’ve developed a simple 36 week conditioning plan, guaranteed to improve your gas tank.

Build the Beast

If two athletes have an equal skill set, the stronger fighter will almost always win.  The ‘Build the Beast’ program will show you exactly how to develop more strength, add muscle and develop workouts that help you develop strength that transfers on to the mat or into the cage.

Build the Beast copy

Develop the Athlete

Big muscles DO NOT equal stronger, more powerful athletes. In order to develop more power, our bodies must learn how to recruit more muscles and get them firing together efficiently. “Develop the Athlete’ was developed to help our athletes become faster, more powerful and explosive. If you want to get faster and more explosive, this is the program for you!

Prepare for Battle

Over the years, we’ve watched countless fighters and grapplers screw up opportunities by missing weight or showing up ‘flat’ or overworked. The key to being physically prepared is having a plan. So, we decided to share some of our top tips and tricks that we used to prepare our athletes for battle!

Complete Core

Develop a ‘Rock Solid’ Torso That Will Have You Striking Harder, Finishing More Takedowns and Dominating on the Ground. This 12 Week Program will Challenge Your Entire Torso Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Tried Before!

Grappler’s Grip

Grip strength is often overlooked, but can be an incredibly valuable asset for any fighter or grappler.  Inside this 12 week program, we show you special exercises and workouts that we have used to help our athletes get a competitive advantage.

Pre Season Workouts

Pre-Season Strength & Conditioning for Wrestlers

Fall is here and wrestling season is going to start before you know it.  Ideally, intensity is going up, and we are training your body to work at match speed. This pre season plan is designed to help you get faster, more explosive and ready to compete!