Antagonistic Super Sets

7 years ago

Antagonistic Super Sets

Antagonistic Super SetAn Antagonistic Super Set is the back-to-back execution of exercises targeting antagonistic muscle groups, such as bicep curls (biceps) followed by arm extensions (triceps).

This is a great alternative for people that are limited for time and interested in maintaining high strength levels.

When you work an opposing muscle group directly after the original muscle, studies have shown that the nervous system activation can actually INCREASE strength in the second muscle group when you work it.

Here are some examples of Antagonistic Supersets:

Chest & Back
flat barbell bench press + bent-over barbell rows

Biceps & Triceps
barbell curls + close grip bench press

Quadriceps & Hamstrings
leg extensions + leg curls

With this type of training, it is common to split your workouts into upper and lower body days.

Here is one example:

  • Monday – Lower Body
  • Tuesday – Upper Body
  • Thursday – Lower Body
  • Friday – Upper Body

Antagonistic Super SetThis is just one example, but you should lay out your workouts to coordinate with your skill training, primary goals and time frame that you have to work with each week and before competition.

Adjust exercise variables to fit your goals:

Strength Endurance: 12-20 reps, 2-3 sets/exercise, 30sec-2min rest between sets, slower tempo.

Gain Muscle: 8-12 reps, 3-4 sets/exercise, 1-2 minutes between sets, 2-0-2 tempo.

Get Strong: 3-7 reps, 2-5 sets/exercise, 2-5 minutes between sets, 1-0-1 tempo