7 years ago

Compound Sets

A compound set is the execution of two sets back-to-back, targeting the same muscle group.

An example would be ten repetitions of dumbbell flies immediately followed by ten repetitions of the barbell bench press.

Although the load will be less, using this training technique, the volume is higher.

Examples of compound sets:

Knee Dominant

1a. Lunges

1b. Squats

Hip Dominant

2a. Deadlifts

2b. Barbell Hip Extensions

Horizontal Pushing (chest)

3a. Bench Press

3b. Dips


4a. Barbell Row

4b. Chin Ups

Vertical Pushing (shoulder)

5a. Handstand holds

5b. Alternating Dumbbell Overhead Presses

There are many variations and combinations that can be used to fit your goals, ability level and equipment that you have access to.

Get creative, plan accordingly and get to work.