7 years ago

Contrast Training

william wayland barbell jumpsContrast sets consist of a heavy resisted exercise paired with an unweighted explosive exercise.

The two exercises share a common movement pattern, like deadlifts and jumps.

For each contrast set, the weight should be at or above 90% of 1RM so that the lifter performs 1-3 reps of the heavy lift followed by 3-6 reps of the high-velocity movement.

You should add a 30-second rest interval between the heavy lift set and the explosive movement. This gives the involved muscles time to recover, while still allowing the lifter to take advantage of PAP from the heavy lift.

Also, the addition of a 15-second rest after each rep of the explosive movement will allow for maximum velocity on each rep. After finishing your explosive reps, rest for 3 minutes before the next set.

Some examples:

  • Squats and Box Jumps
  • Deadlifts and Broad Jumps
  • Bench Press and Med Ball Chest Passes
  • Chin Ups and Med Ball Slams.

This type of training should be used during a Power Phase of training and only performed for 3-4 weeks at a time.