7 years ago

Maximum Power Output

Maximum Power OutputOnce you have developed a solid foundation of strength, then we can start to convert that strength into power.

Peak Power can be maintained for about 5-12 seconds max.

In order to max out our power output, we must train our nervous system and muscles to fire quickly and efficiently to develop more force in less time.

Exercises such as jump squats, sprinting, bounding, explosive push ups or similar can be used.

Think repetitive and explosive!

We can also utilize MMA or sport specific drills, such as pad or bag work for these intervals.

Workout details:

  • 7-10 sec ON
  • Active rest for 2-5 minutes between sets (shadow boxing, footwork, etc)
  • 5-6 sets per exercise/drill
  • 1-3 drills per workout

The key is 100% effort on every rep and allowing ample time to recover between sets.

Remember, the goal is to increase speed and power, not to get tired.