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  • Danielle Lappage
    As a long time national team wrestler, I have had the opportunity to work with many strength and conditioning coaches. I met Coach Bott 2 years ago, and she has consistently proven herself to be the best in the business and has been a huge reason as to why I was able to reach new heights in my sport. She possesses every quality that you could want from a coach: she is smart, dedicated, and passionate. She is always searching for ways to improve her skills and knowledge about strength and conditioning and the sport of wrestling. But above all else, she sincerely cares about every individual she trains and knows exactly how to help them reach their individual goals. Everyone needs a #bodylikebott!
    Danielle Lappage
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  • Quickly Learn About S&C for Wrestlers in our Athlete Handbook
  • Gather Vital Info on Your Athletes with our Athlete Intake Package
  • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses with our Performance Testing Manual
  • Keep Athletes Healthy with our Warm-ups for Wrestlers
  • Learn How Heart Rate Training Can Turbo-Charge Your Conditioning
  • Off-Season General Conditioning (Phase 1)
  • Off-Season General Strength & Power (Phase 1)
  • Off-Season Specialized Conditioning (Phase 2)
  • Off-Season Specialized Strength & Power (Phase 2)
  • Pre-Season Power Development Plan (Phase 3)
  • 20 Week In-Season Strength & Conditioning Plan (Phase 4)

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