Wrestling Workouts: No Pain, No Gain

by Coach Bott

Wrestlers have a relentless work ethic and the athletes that know me, understand that I enjoy hard work.  That being said, we must be intelligent when planning our wrestling workouts, because most of us are juggling practice, matches, strength and conditioning, school, work, family, etc.  Using soreness as a benchmark for a good workout can be misleading.  

Wrestling Workouts: No Pain, No Gain

Being sore all the time is basically your body’s way of telling you that you are not able to adapt from the previous workout.  So instead of using the old ‘no pain, no gain’ type of mindset, maybe we can gauge the quality of each session or practice.  Are you hitting takedowns that you previously couldn’t?  Are you finding new ranges of motion, moving faster or using heavier weights in the weight room?  Being conscious of these performance variables allows us to monitor true progress over time.

Coach Bott is a Strength and Conditioning Coach for Wrestling Canada and the #1 Ranked SFU Women’s Wrestling Team. She also instructs at the University Level in areas of Sport Physiology and High Performance. Coach Bott specializes in Combat Athlete Physical Development and consults world wide.  Her NEW strength and conditioning program, called The Wrestler’s Edge, is changing the way wrestler’s prepare for competition.

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